Winter tarp overnight


Until you sleep under the canopy of the trees and stars, your bushcraft experience will never be complete, so this is an extended one day course with the addition of waking up with the dawn chorus. On your arrival, you will immediately be shown how to set up your nest for the night with a tarp, a few simple quick release knots, how to setup your fire and an insight into other set-ups. Tarps can be available depending on group numbers. You must bring at least a sleeping bag that is adequate for the season, a camping mat, and or an isolation mat A bivvy bag is recommended when you are on the ground during Winter but a mat setup work as well. Breakfast is provided for you, but all other meals/snacks including eating utensils must be brought with you. Tea/coffee/water/cooking utensils are supplied. PLEASE NOTE: – It is essential to be warm, dry and comfortable during your stay, so make sure you have an extra set of dry warm clothes and socks with you, for the night are long underwear a pre.

Prices kids till 16 years kr 450,00 pp 16 years and up kr  900,00 pp


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