Day course

In 2018 will Scandic Bushcraft give several on his own standing one day courses like making:
  • Fire: how to setup a save fireplace, Dakota pits etc. making fire by friction, Ferro rod or lighter.
  • Shelter-building for beginners, medium advanced and advanced
  • Woodcarving, cup or spoons or tools
  • Setup camp in different levels
  • Setup your hammock plus tarp
  • Different tarp configurations
  • Knots ¬†and rope Technics
  • Water, how to disinfect, filter or stone cooking
  • Knife and axe use to do’s and not to do’s
  • Map reading and compass use
  • Tracking ( there will be a two day cours as well coming soon)
  • Eatables local plants roots
  • Mushrooms ( if the person that teaches is available)
  • Cooking and baking above an open fire.
and many more to come!