Amazonas: ultra-light

First impression of the Amazonas Ultra light Moskito-Traveller Thermo Hammock, Tarp, Underblanket and Micro rope.

On this one overnight-er I tested the products of Amazonas for the first time. A more and detailed review will follow after I used it in all kind of weather situations. The winter is not far away anymore so I can’t wait to test in cold and wet weather.

My first impression for now is more then positive, everything is light weighted and packs down to very small volume. This was the first time I used the micro-rope and I must say became a big fan, it is an easy and quick clean setup, more over it is so easy to adjust and to put on tension and it hold his tension perfectly.

The moskito netting comes with his own cord and two small fiber tentpools which are easy to set in the special pockets on top of the netting, The cord goes from tree to tree and through the loops on top, but because I like to hang my hammocks as level as possible and as tight as possible ( this is a personal setting, because I like to lay as straight as possible) I learned that I have to hang the rope for the netting in my situation a bit higher next time, although when I laid down in the hammock it pulled himself more open and I had still enough head space.

But if you hang the hammock with a bit more slack (as advised) it will hang perfectly open and give you a lot of head space free from every bug that is flying around. this cord is easy to adjust as well and you don’t need to setup an additional rigg line as you have to do with other brands.

The opening of the Thermo-pocket for the ground mat is conveniently placed under the front side, but I learned that when you use like me a thermo-air mat it could use a bit more bigger opening and the cradle of the hammock could be a bit deeper, but without or with a mat it works just fine. The under-blanket well that one I love, it is long and closes inn the whole cradle from the hammock it is easy and quick to attache and come with quick-release fasteners on the top and a nice cord-system that is easy to adjust and to block so it stays on tension.

The only thing I would love that it would have 4 extra loops to attache to the hammock sides the same goes for the hammock so you could attache them with an elastic-cord, because now when you use an air-mat in the pocket and want to go to sleep it moves away and slides to the side.

With a normal ground mat or without anything it doesn’t do that, so I slept without the air-mat that night and that night the temperature dropped below the zero Celsius but my back stayed nice and warm. as well for my feet as my head.

The ‘Traveller’ Tarp is an ultra-light tarp that again don’t need a additional riggline to setup or knowledge of good knots that is a pre for the new beginners that just discover the outdoors. Also it comes with handy stow-away pockets for the tension ropes. speaking about the ropes it comes also with a nice adjustable snap-hook on the two main cords, so even when you loose daylight it is quick and easy to setup and to adjust, in the followup review i will go deeper into those systems and show in detail how they work and function. sadly the photo’s I took now from them didn’t came out right so that is something i will make up for in the followup review. the tent stakes that came with the tarp are strong and light weighted and easy to use.

A nice touch was that the hammock came with two extra cords that you attached to the rigglines, so when it rains the water doesn’t run down your riggline and make everything wet inside.


All and all it was a very positive experience to use the Amazonas ultra-light gear, and as far it goes for a nice dry night even though the temperature dropped below zero C. I look forward to test it more when the weather is not that good, and in the winter with snowfall.  the Amazonas Ultra-light is quick and easy to setup, the under-blanket kept me warm and cozy, i would have loved to use it with my air-matras, but then i have to tweak it a bit, every thing is well thought out and it works perfectly together, the material is of high standard and even for beginners to understand how to set it up. It all packs up very small and that is a must for the bag packers that like to watch their weight.

so if you like it , like I do check out there website

Marc, Scandic Bushcraft 16-10-2017